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VSRA Hosts Sen. Warner: Budgets and Syria

Sen. Warner with VSRA LeadershipSen. Warner with VSRA Leadership

Sen. Warner visited with Board members of the Virginia Ship Repair Association and Ship Repair workers on Sept. 6, 2013. Topics of discussion included the joint effort of legislators to salvage ship maintenance funding during the Spring sequestration debate; the on-going threat of continuing resolutions to the ability of the Naval community to keep fleets healthy and mission ready; and the diversions in Syria presenting a prime example of the need for a responsive and prepared US Navy fleet. In particular, Sen. Warner supports allowing the Navy to have flexibility in moving its resources to meet critical demands. Sen. Warner stressed to the Virginia Ship Repair community the need to keep educating the public and officials on these issues, and the impending budget struggle that will occur Oct. 1, 2013 when sequestration and continuing resolutions once again emerge as forefront issues in Congress.

VSRA President, Bill Crow, encourages all member companies and their employees to begin communicating with elected officials on these issues.  Please feel free to contact the VSRA office for more information.