The VSRA Board of Directors establishes committees that leverage the expertise of industry experts to enhance networking and knowledge sharing activity between member companies. Committee meetings are open to all members, and members who take an active, dedicated role to committee work are recognized as industry and committee leaders.


VSRA Committees

  • Communications Committee
  • Communications Working Group
  • Contracts Committee
  • Entry-Level to Apprentice (EL2A) Committee
  • General Membership
  • Human Resources Committee
  • OSHA-VSRA Partnership
  • Quality Assurance Audit Subcommittee
  • Quality Assurance Committee
  • Quality Assurance ISO-9001-2015 Subcommittee
  • Quality Assurance Standard Items Review Subcommittee
  • Quality Assurance Welding Consumable Control System Procedure Subcommittee
  • Quality Management Board (QMB)
  • Safety and Environmental Committee
  • Safety Management Board (SMB)
  • Security Committee
  • VSRA Training Announcements