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Virginian-Pilot Feature Story: VSRA Schools Outreach

In support of our Strategic Plan's direction for workforce development, the Virginia Ship Repair Association, through the support and dedicated efforts of the Virginia Ship Repair Foundation, launched a new program designed to enhance the welding curriculum for each of the 23 Public Technical Schools in Virginia.

A team of 10 VSRA Member Companies contributed to the ship welding repair resource book and instructional tools that are being supplied to all of the industrial weld programs across the Commonwealth.The project is specifically designed to give exposure to students to help them gain employment as welders in our industry. Volunteers will also visit these schools in the future to provide information as well as guest welder demonstrations.

On July 31st, eleven of the technical school welding instructors spent the day with VSRA welding volunteers for an orientation and demonstration of the inititive at BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair. The event and the details regarding the initiative as well as the Newport News Teacher Intern program were featured in the August 10th edition of The Virginian-Pilot Business section.  To view the article, please click on the link below.

Full Pilot Online Article

 If you would like to become involved or to learn more about the initiative, please contact Michelle Tomaszewski at 757 233-7034 or mtomaszewski@virginiashiprepair.org.