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Qualified Signal Person (April 17) CANCELLED

Event Date/Time

  • Monday, April 17 2017
    8:00 AM — 5:00 PM


150 Boush Street
Suite 802
Norfolk, VA 23501
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The objectives of Qualified Signal Person training is to ensure that each signal person is in compliance with the requirements of Federal OSHA §1926 Subpart CC as a “Qualified Signal Person,” and these persons understand mobile crane characteristics, crane limitations, helping the operator avoid side loading, power line safety, and most important – where a signal person must position themselves to ensure adequate personal safety and communications with the crane operator.

Program: This program is 4-6 hours of classroom instruction with one written exam followed by individual practical exams in voice and hand signals.

Specific Training Objectives:

  • Terminology  
  • Crane characteristics & limitations
  • Signal person responsibilities
  • When a signal person is required
  • Hand and voice signals
  • The dangers of side loading
  • Crane dynamics as it pertains to a signal person
  • The dangers of two-blocking
  • Tipping and structural failures
  • The dangers of working around power lines
  • The clearance requirements for cranes and power lines
  • The course of action if power line contact is made
  • Step and touch potential
  • The requirements to keep clear of the load (Fall zone)
  • The requirements of §1926 Subpart CC as it pertains to a signal person