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Craft Supervisor I (Rigger)

Application Information

BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair is hiring a Craft Supervisor I in the Rigger Shop. The applicant will be responsible for overseeing Riggers (regular and temporary employees), assigning work on multiple assignments during a workday and monitoring progress onboard vessels. The selected candidate will be providing technical assistance and oversee the workforce in the Rigger Shop. Ensure that appropriate actions are taken to support the timely and cost effective completion of assigned tasks. Oversee the Rigger Shop supervision involved in all phases of project performance, personnel related functions including the hiring and supervision of union employees, force reductions, promotions and demotions. Ensure compliance and enforcement of company policies, procedures and the requirements of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Candidates selected for this position are expected to work the time required to accomplish the responsibilities of this position (more than 40 hours including weekends).This position is eligible for Extended Work Time Compensation (EWTC) for hours worked in excess of 45 weekly. Candidates selected for this position must be willing to work off-site including travel to other sites to support work assignments. Candidates must be able to obtain a Rapid Gate badge for work at government facilities. · Responsible for ensuring that company goals for Safety, Quality and Productivity are aggressively pursued · Oversee and monitor schedule performance including review of ongoing and upcoming projects, investigate late activities, and assist project supervision in development of practical solutions. · Monitor and evaluate project budget performance including review of ongoing and upcoming projects, develop productivity enhancements and investigate over-budget items. · Allocate personnel and resources to efficiently support all contracts (including shift work) · Monitor productivity across all shifts including the amount and type of work assigned as well as the quality and quantity of work accomplished. · Review project schedules and budgets during the planning phase. · Ensure that Company policies are adhered to and the policies are clearly understood by subordinates (ISO, Environmental and Safety). Train and motivate employees in the areas of technical knowledge, safety, environmental and communication. · Ensure that inter-departmental relations are maintained. · Ensure that requirements of the labor agreement are properly enforced. · Perform similar, incidental and other duties as assigned.

Category: Rigger

NOTE: The following description is a GENERAL Overview of this career and not a description of a particular job posting.

Shipyard Riggers assemble and install rigging gear such as cables, ropes, pulleys and winches to lift, lower, move or position machinery, structural steel and other heavy objects. They use weight handling equipment such as fork trucks, cranes, wire ropes (all types), end fittings, slings, winches, chain falls, boat slings, boat davits, and horizontal and verticals pad-eyes. The experienced Rigger will normally be able to perform all the following tasks: examine objects to be moved, estimate their size, shape and weight and decide on the type of equipment necessary; erect a temporary jib or derrick if required, and install cables, pulleys and other tackle; choose or make slinging equipment and attach it to the load; erect cranes and mobile crane booms, increase the height of tower cranes by bolting component parts in place, and rigging cables; splice ropes and cables to make slings and tackle; erect structural steel for buildings under construction; erect panels used on facades; and inspect, maintain and repair equipment of trade.
A career as a rigger typically requires a high school diploma, and anywhere from a few months to one year of experience working with the required tools and skills, particularly in a marine environment. A recognized apprenticeship program may be associated with these occupations.
Some previous work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is usually required.