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The winner of the 2013 Senior Tradesmen of the Year award was announced at the May General Membership Luncheon meeting. This year’s award went to Mr. Dennis Bueso with Oceaneering International.

Mr. Bueso is an extraordinary Inside Machinist. He regularly designs and manufactures special tooling required to perform his assignments. While Commercial off-the shelf equipment may at times be available, due to the emergent nature of the work for the U.S. Navy, it is generally more efficient and dependable to manufacture job-specific tooling. Over the span of his career, he has manufactured every component on the DSS Dry Deck Shelter Track and Cradle that is used by Special Operations Forces. He gladly shows new and junior craftsmen “the ropes” and takes pride in sharing his expertise. He believes in taking an active role in his community, for example, he organizes outreach programs in underprivileged communities where his church provides food, books, school supplies and clothing to the needy. In selfless fashion, he accepted an acquaintance’s son into his home and became his legal guardian to raise and mentor as one of his own family when the single mother could not properly care for her son.

VSRF also recognized the following nominees for Senior Tradesman of the Year:

  • John Cameron (Miller Integrated Management Group)
  • Daniel Campbell (General Dynamics NASSCO – Earl Industries)
  • Derek Thomas (Advanced Integrated Technologies (AIT)
  • Anthony Beveritt (Epsilon Systems Solutions)
  • Robert Montgomery (BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair)
  • George Fair (Tecnico Corporation)
  • Gerald E. Long (AMSEC LLC)

All of the nominees received a certificate recognizing their significant contribution to their trade. Mr. Bueso will also be recognized at the National Maritime Day reception on May 22nd at the Half Moone Cruise & Celebration Center at Nauticus in downtown Norfolk.

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