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VSRA - FM99 “The Yard” and "The Yard's FORCE" Boat Competition and Appreciation Day

2014 VSRA FM99 Bragging Rights Competition April 12, 2014




…and the 2013 Winner was…..Newport News Shipbuilding!


“THE YARD!" competition is HERE! Saturday April 12th, from 09:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.. VSRA, along with FM 99, hosts “The Yard” Cardboard Boat Face Off competition at Scott's Creek Marina in Portsmouth. Teams representing the areas local ship yards and Sub-contractors build their own vessel out of corrugated cardboard and duct tape, then put them to the test on the water. Crofton Diving tests them for weight bearing strength and buoyancy - often having to save the sinking ships! Ships that stay afloat the longest, most closely resemble a Naval Vessel and have the highest amounts of exposed cardboard accumulate a score to determine the winner.

In recognition of the ship repair work FORCE, we've added a new competition for our Sub-contractors called "The Yard's FORCE". The same rules for groups apply.

 THE YARD 2013 - VIDEO       THE YARD 2012 - VIDEO


Sponsored by Advanced Integrated Technologies (AIT) and Incredible Supply & Logistics with support from Distributers International and Crofton Diving. A portion of the proceeds raised benefited the FM99 Christmas Wish Fund.




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