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Safety Suggest Winners

The 3rd and 4th Quarter Safety Suggestion winners were honored at the December membership luncheon.  

The 3rd Quarter Safety Suggestion award went to Dave Smith of Marine Hydraulics International.  Dave created a temporary device that can be quickly and easily installed and removed as needed to the piers edge to provide fall protection and allow the employees to enter and work in this area without wearing flotation devices.  The idea is to make a Temporary safety line that includes a mid and top cable that can be placed over the curb that runs along the piers edge. 

The 4th Quarter Safety Suggestion award went to Clifton Edwards of Newport News Shipbuilding.  Clifton and his team, Team X43, built the ergo-mover designed to transport heavy components through passageways aboard their ships.  It is capable of moving up to 250 pound components across the decks and over the doorway coamings without lifting the object from the platform.  The platform has several integrated safety features to secure the ergo-mover while shifting the load from one platform to the other.  Ergo movers can be used in pairs or larger groups to increase capability and the top platform can be removed to be used independently. 

Do you or an employee have a safety suggestion that deserves recognition? If so, read below to see if your meet the criteria.  



Click HERE to view Safety Suggest Award Program

PURPOSE: VSRA’s Safety Suggestion Award Program allows employees of VSRA member companies to be recognized for safety ideas. These safety ideas will improve or will have improved safety conditions and awareness in the workplace or added some other value to the company’s safety and health program.   These safety ideas become useful safety suggestions that other VSRA member companies can use to improve safety in their work environment.


  • Safety Suggestion must be an idea to improve safety conditions in your work area.
  • Safety Suggestion cannot:
    • Be a common practice in the industry.
    • Be an established OSHA requirement or procedure.
    • Violate an OSHA rule or regulation.
  • A winning safety suggestion MAY be resubmitted.
  • Safety Suggestions may be resubmitted only once and within the next 12 months.
  • No limit on the number of Safety Suggestions that may be submitted by VSRA member companies, in a given quarter(s).

JUDGING: Safety Suggestions submitted for the quarter will be reviewed and approved by VSRA’s Safety Suggestion Sub-Committee, to determine if they meet the above criteria. The Sub-Committee will bring the approved safety suggestions before VSRA’s Safety Committee for selection of a winner, which is done by voting. VSRA’s Safety Suggestion Sub-Committee will notify the winner on the day of the vote and validate winner’s notification letter.


With the revamp of the Safety Suggestion Award Program comes an added bonus for the NOMINATORS.  The person responsible for nominating the quarterly award winner will receive a $100 gift certificate and $400 for those who nominated the annual winner.

•   Quarterly winners will be honored at the appropriate VSRA General Membership Meetings in April, July, October, and December and will receive a $500 award prize.

•   An annual winner will be selected from the four quarterly winners—“best of the quarterly winners”. The annual winner will be honored at VSRA’s General Membership Meeting in January and will receive a $1000 award prize.

•   Winner(s) may be asked to briefly discuss their safety suggestion at the quarterly and annual VSRA General Membership Meetings.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: All safety suggestions must be turned in by April 1st, July 1st, October 1st, and December 1st  of each year.  Entry must include: 1) a contact person, 2) a phone number, and 3) employer’s company name.

MAINTENANCE: Winning Safety Suggestions will be submitted to VSRA Office to be maintained in a permanent file and available for use by VSRA member companies; and they will be posted on VSRA’s website….www.VirginiaShipRepair.org.

HOW DO I SUBMIT A SAFETY SUGGESTION? Your Safety Suggestion can be mailed-in, faxed-in, or electronically sent via e-mail. Support items such as pictures, sketches, or display items are encouraged with your safety suggestion and consideration must be given to how to get these items to the individual below.  You may call if additional information is needed.

Mail, Fax, or E-mail your Safety Suggestions to :

Brian S. Applewhite, Safety & Environmental Committee Chairman

Tecnico Corporation

831 Industrial Ave.

Chesapeake, VA 23324

Office:  (757) 545-4013

Fax: (757) 543-5402



Frank Wheatley, Safety & Environmental Committee Co-Chair

Colonna's Shipyard, Inc.

400 E. Indian River Road

Norfolk, VA 23523

Office: (757) 545-2414

Fax: (757) 757.543.2480


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