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SCA Alert | FY20 NDAA Conference Report Released

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FY20 NDAA Conference Report Released



House and Senate negotiators have finalized a fiscal year 2020 defense authorization bill that clears the way for $738 billion in national security spending and establishes a new U.S. Space Force.


The bill, which must still be passed by Congress and signed by President Trump, is expected to be voted on this week.


According to the conferees, the FY20 NDAA Conference report is consistent with the bipartisan budget agreement. It supports a base budget of $658.4 billion, an additional $71.5 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations, and $5.3 billion for emergency disaster recovery to restore installations damaged by extreme weather or earthquakes


Navy Shipbuilding


The NDAA reaffirms that the United States must maintain a minimum of 11 aircraft carriers to protect our interests around the world and authorizes the first year of appropriations for the midlife refueling of USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). The NDAA takes other action to build a larger Navy, including:

  • Preserving a Navy plan to procure 10 Virginia-class attack submarines, nine of which include the Virginia Payload Module across a FY19-23 multiyear contract, and authorizing an additional $1.5 billion to eliminate a submarine construction deficit in FY20, an additional $200 million for FY21 submarine advance procurement, and an additional $100 million for advanced submarine design;
  • Supports full funding for the Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine development;
  • Authorizes construction of three Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and one new frigate;
  • Authorizes construction of two additional amphibious ships including an America-class amphibious assault ship and a San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock; and
  • Authorizes construction of one large unmanned surface vessel and two medium unmanned surface vessels.


Ship and Submarine Maintenance

The conference agreement authorizes an additional $653 million for Navy ship and submarine depot maintenance to ensure key ship and submarine shipyard availabilities are not further delayed due to cost and schedule overruns associated with the backlog of ship and submarine maintenance.


The joint explanatory statement is available HERE. The conference report is available HERE. The SCA summary of the report is available below. Please note you must be logged in to the SCA website to view this content.





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