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TitleCategoryMemberPost Date
QA Inspector - Marine Decking| Coatings| PreservationQuality InspectorInternational Flooring & Protective Coatings, Inc.6/1/2023
Flooring MechanicTradesperson 1International Flooring & Protective Coatings, Inc.6/1/2023
Level II NDT InspectorNon Destructive TechnicianInternational Flooring & Protective Coatings, Inc.6/1/2023
GENERAL LABORER Labor/HelperInternational Flooring & Protective Coatings, Inc.6/1/2023
Marine HVAC TechnicianAC&R TechnicianGeneration Refrigeration Co., Inc.5/31/2023
Marine Painter - CroftonMarine PainterCrofton Diving Corporation5/31/2023
NDT INSPECTOR IQuality InspectorEast Coast Repair & Fabrication, Inc.5/31/2023
LIVING BARGE TECH - WARWICK DIVISIONMechanicEast Coast Repair & Fabrication, Inc.5/31/2023
SHIPFITTER 1/CShipfitterEast Coast Repair & Fabrication, Inc.5/31/2023
WELDER 1/CWelderEast Coast Repair & Fabrication, Inc.5/31/2023
Senior Level Marine ElectricianElectricianWaveforce Electrical, LLC5/31/2023
Mid-Level Marine ElectricianElectricianWaveforce Electrical, LLC5/31/2023
Entry Level Marine ElectricianElectricianWaveforce Electrical, LLC5/31/2023
Senior Level Electronics TechnicianTechnicianWaveforce Electrical, LLC5/31/2023
Mid-Level Electronics TechnicianTechnicianWaveforce Electrical, LLC5/31/2023
Entry Level Electronics TechnicianTechnicianWaveforce Electrical, LLC5/31/2023
Ship SuperintendentSuperintendentHyVal Industries, Inc.5/30/2023
Welder (I, II, III)WelderPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
Outside Sales Representative- Norfolk OtherTork Systems5/24/2023
QEHS ManagerQA ManagerGeneral Dynamics Information Technology5/24/2023
Safety InspectorSafety ProfessionalColonna's Shipyard, Inc.5/24/2023
Production Planning And Scheduler 2 - 14531Prod Plng And Scheduler HII Fleet Support Group LLC5/19/2023
Quality Control Analyst 4 - 14529QC InspectorHII Fleet Support Group LLC5/19/2023
Engineering Technician 3 - 14527Engineering TechnicianHII Fleet Support Group LLC5/19/2023
Fiber Optic InstructorTechnicianQ.E.D. Systems, Inc.5/19/2023
Safety ManagerSafety ProfessionalColonna's Shipyard, Inc.5/15/2023
Armed Security OfficerFacility Security Officer (FSO)Colonna's Shipyard, Inc.5/15/2023
Safety Assistant IIISafety ProfessionalGeneral Dynamics Information Technology5/12/2023
Quality Assurance Rep III (Electrical)Safety ProfessionalGeneral Dynamics Information Technology5/12/2023
Safety Assistant IIISafety ProfessionalGeneral Dynamics Information Technology5/12/2023
Machinist 2nd/3rd ClassInside MachinistFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Machinist 1st Class/LeadInside MachinistFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Outside Machinist 1st ClassOutside MachinistFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Field Engineer I, IIField Engineer IIPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
Alignment TechnicianTechnicianPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
Engineering Specialist I/General EngineerEngineering TechnicianPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
Subcontracts ManagerSub Contracts LeadPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
Purchasing Agent IIPurchasing AgentPrism Maritime, LLC5/4/2023
Project Analyst II, IIIPrism Maritime, LLCPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
Project Coordinator IProject Coordinator IIPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
1st Class Electrical Assembly TechnicianAssembly TechnicianFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Pipefitter 2nd ClassPipefitterFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Rigger 1st ClassRiggerFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Shipfitter 2nd ClassShipfitterFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Shipfitter 1st ClassShipfitterFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Scaffold Builder HelperOtherInternational Flooring & Protective Coatings, Inc.4/20/2023
Outside Sales RepOtherDante Valve4/14/2023
Welder 2nd ClassWelderFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Welder 1st ClassWelderFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Fabricator WelderWelderFairlead Integrated, LLC5/12/2023
Certified Physician's Assistant 4OtherShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Systems Application Analyst 3DesignerShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Software Engineer 3 - Confidential Clearance RequiredSoftware DeveloperShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Admin Functional Support 2Administrative SupportShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Engineer Mechanical 2Engineering DesignShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Shipyard Outside MachinistOutside MachinistAuxiliary Systems, Inc.3/17/2023
Motor Mechanic - 2nd Shift (Multiple Openings)MechanicElectric Motor & Contracting4/12/2023
Inside MachinistInside MachinistElectric Motor & Contracting4/12/2023
Power Systems/Switchgear TechnicianElectrician MastertradespersonElectric Motor & Contracting4/12/2023
Machine Shop Maintenance TechnicianTechnicianElectric Motor & Contracting4/12/2023
Engineer Structural 2Engineering DesignShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Engineer Structural 1Engineering DesignShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Designer 3 - Confidential Clearance RequiredCAD Drafter Shipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Linux Systems Administrator 3Information TechnologyShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Engineer Mechanical 3Engineering DesignShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Engineer Mechanical 3 - Confidential Clearance RequiredEngineering DesignShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
IT Software Engineer 3Information TechnologyShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Designer 3 - Confidential Clearance RequiredCAD Drafter Shipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Paint Inspector Inspector-GeneralShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Designer 2CAD Drafter Shipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Technical Editor and Writer 3 - Confidential Clearance RequiredTechnical WriterShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Engineer Planning Analyst 4 - Confidential Clearance RequiredEngineer Planning AnalystShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Alignment TechnicianTechnicianPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
Superintendent RepairSuperintendentLyon Shipyard, Inc.2/13/2023
Tank CleanerTradesperson 1Shipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
General Laborers - Non-Skid.Labor/HelperShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
SSPC Water BlasterOtherShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Abrasive Blaster (C-7 certified)OtherShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
EstimatorEstimatorShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
RiggerRiggerShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Test ElectricianElectricianShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Deck ElectricianElectricianShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Advanced Shipfitter/Fabricator (Multi-Pass Tack & Burn)ShipfitterShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Boiler Plant OperatorBoilermakerShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Product Trainer 2-Welding InstructorTraining InstructorShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Sheet Metal WorkerSheet Metal WorkerQ.E.D. Systems, Inc.12/9/2022
Boat Shop Technician MechanicFairlead Integrated, LLC2/14/2023
Pipe WelderWelderShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Abrasive BlasterOtherShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Sheetmetal MechanicSheet Metal WorkerShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Maintenance PipefitterPipefitterShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Electronic Technician III - EMBDElectronic EngineerPrism Maritime, LLC5/16/2023
Fabrication Shop Fitters - Steel AmericaShipfitterColonna's Shipyard, Inc.5/3/2023
Project Manager IIProject ManagerPrism Maritime, LLC5/4/2023
Labor/HelperLabor/HelperPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
Field Engineer I, IIEngineering TechnicianPrism Maritime, LLC5/4/2023
Pipefitter I, II, IIIPipefitterPrism Maritime, LLC6/2/2023
Subcontracts Administrator I, II, IIISub Contracts LeadPrism Maritime, LLC5/24/2023
Marine ElectricianMarine ElectricianShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Structural WelderWelderLyon Shipyard, Inc.3/2/2023
Outside MachinistsOutside MachinistShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
ShipfitterShipfitterShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Structural WeldersWelderShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
Entry LevelLabor/HelperShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023
InsulatorMarine InsulatorShipyard Staffing LLC5/8/2023