Strategic Plan

2023 Virginia Ship Repair Association Annual Report



The Virginia Ship Repair Association will lead the ship repair industry of Virginia to economic success and competitive advantage by providing quality service to our members and their customers. In doing so, VSRA will be recognized as the premier association in the national ship repair industry.



The mission of the Virginia Ship Repair Association is to maintain focus on and coordinate resources to address and resolve the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the ship repair industry in Virginia and across the nation.


Guiding Principles

The Virginia Ship Repair Association will be driven by the following guiding principles, and will encourage these principals among its members:         

  • Ethics and integrity
  • Customer focus, teamwork, value
  • Responsibility to safety, quality, security, environmental protection, and cybersecurity
  • Workforce development


Strategic Goals and Objectives

1)    Advocate to maintain and strengthen the capability and capacity of the ship repair industrial base.
2)    Increase awareness of and support for the Hampton Roads ship repair industry.
3)    Attract new workers to meet current and future industry demands.
4)    Enhance the skill and knowledge level of the current and future ship repair workforce.
5)    Provide maximum Member value and return on investment.