Strategic Plan

2018 VSRA & VSRF Annual Report



The Virginia Ship Repair Association will lead the Virginia ship repair industry to economic success and competitive advantage to better serve our customers as the premier association in the national ship repair industry.



The Virginia Ship Repair Association mission is to focus and coordinate member resources on the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the ship repair industry in Virginia and across the nation.


Guiding Principles

The Virginia Ship Repair Association will promote the following guiding principles among its members:

  1. Ethics and integrity
  2. Customer focus, teamwork, and value
  3. Safety, quality, and environmental responsibility
  4. Workforce development


Strategic Goals and Objectives

  1. Maintain the Hampton Roads industrial base and leverage it to compete in present and future complementary markets
  2. Improve relationships and communications with federal, state, regional and local government agencies, and the public, to build greater support for the ship repair industry
  3. Attract new workers to replace the current aging workforce and meet future industry demands
  4. Provide enhanced access to training resources and tools to meet workforce knowledge and skill level requirements for efficiency, safety and performance
  5. Improve VSRA operations, participation, and benefits to provide greater value for members