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VSRA Members are Making their Voice Heard!

VSRA members have led the way in reaching out to officials to encourage a speedy solution to the Appropriations Bill and Sequester issues. VSRA has fielded interviews with every local station and news outlet which helped garner national attention to our region and industry. Your support has enabled us to engage swiftly with a media blitz, and your actions are keeping the focus on our industry. Here are some critical ways you can help ramp up the attention:

1. Send our Press page link to your network - even other industries. www.vsra.us

2. Contact companies in other States. Many of them have maritime industries and this will hurt all of us.

3. Contact friends and family in other states. They also care about the damage this will cause to our Naval fleet and we need their voice to be heard as well.

4. Let us know of any outlets, media or connections we may have missed and can focus on.


Visit the VSRA Press Page for more info at www.vsra.us