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PLEASE READ: Preserve Our Navy's Readiness - Save Our Jobs

Valued Virginia Ship Repair Association Members,

As many of you may be aware, the negative impact of Congress not approving the recent Navy supplemental appropriations request combined with possibly having to operate the entire year under a Continuing Budget Resolution will be devastating to our Navy’s fleet.  An unnecessary decline in fleet readiness and extensive ship repair industry layoffs will occur if defense appropriations and the mid-year supplemental requests are not approved.  

The Virginia Ship Repair Association provides this email so that local member companies can share this with their employees, the entire Hampton Roads community, and ship repair companies nationwide for all to contact their members of Congress and voice their concern by urging them to pass the 2017 National Defense and Mid-Year Supplemental Appropriation Bills to alleviate this very disastrous situation. 

Provided below are form letters for 1) VSRA member companies, 2) non-local companies corporate headquarters, and 3) employee and community members. If you are a local office for a larger company in another state, it is requested that you forward this to them and ask them also to voice their concerns to their state’s Congressional delegation.  

With each letter, phone numbers for our delegation are provided. In addition to sending letters, phone calls are also strongly encouraged. 

1. Download a VSRA Member Company Sample Letter

2. Download a National Industry Company Sample Letter

3. Download a Community/Employee Sample Support Letter

Reference A - Navy CR Implications Info Paper, please include with each letter sent.

It may be quicker to reach your Representative electronically. Please click the appropriate link to access electronic contact information for your delegation: SENATE or HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

If your company is issuing WARN notices, please contact SBell@VirginiaShipRepair.org in our office with the number of issuances you intend to make, so we may anonymously provide this impact data to the media and members of Congress.  

If you are experiencing difficulties or problems with the above links in helping to support this effort contact, SNikitas@virginiashiprepair.org.

Thank you in advance for enhancing awareness of this critical issue that will preserve our Navy's readiness and save critical ship repair industry jobs.

In deepest appreciation on behalf the VSRA Board of Directors, Bill Crow, President, VSRA


Below is the letter sent by the Association on behalf of all members to our local Virginia delegation including Congressman Taylor, McEachin, Scott, and Wittman and Senators Warner and Kaine. 

Scott Taylor Congressional Letter