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Safety Supervisor

Maritime Safety Officer: Perfect Candidate would have: - Maritime Safety Knowledge (Blasting/Painting/Rigging/Containment) - a minimum of one year Shipyard Competent Person - and expect to monitor safety officers that inspect many tanks daily as a part of their normal duties. This can be physically demanding work requiring vertical ladder climbing, confined spaces (some tanks are inside of tanks) and staging; Candidate will be required to work at heights on Staging and work areas; Inspect Staging and work areas for potential hazards; Provide weekly Training to Crew(s); Perform Industrial Hygiene Monitoring; Write Job Hazard Analysis; and Inspect workplaces Candidates must work well work with Safety Officers, Supervisors, Management and the Customer for the best of the Company, AND ensure work is performed Environmentally, Healthy and Safely; Monitor EH&S compliance; Report to EH&S Director; Write & Review accident reports, Prevent Accidents; Apply safety procedures; Ensure state, local, and federal safety laws are being observed; Determine correct procedures to prevent unsafe conditions. Good reading and writing abilities also preferred.

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Mid-Atlantic Coatings
3505 Business Center Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23323
Phone: 7574850400

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