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Marine Insulators

Thermcor Inc. is hiring Marine Insulators. Must have Shipboard experience with own hand tools. The Insulator must possess knowledge, skills and abilities sufficient to insulate surfaces of pipe, ducts, valves, fittings, flanges, boilers, tanks, turbines, evaporators, refrigerating units, bulkheads and similar structures in connection with ship alteration and repair. Job Type: Full-time Benefits: • Health insurance • Life Insurance • Dental insurance • Vision insurance • Short-Term Disability • 401K Thermcor Inc. is dedicated to providing a safe, challenging, progressive and financially satisfying opportunity for all employees and associates. Treating all coworkers with dignity and respect and placing value on their input will be the driving force to achieving success for our company. Veteran owned and operated

Category: Marine Insulator

NOTE: The following description is a GENERAL Overview of this career and not a description of a particular job posting.

Marine Insulators apply insulation and covering to piping/machinery for water systems, AC, refrigeration, and steam machinery, bulkheads and overheads. This allows ship systems to function at peak capacity while keeping ship personnel remain comfortable and safe from exposure to extreme heat or cold. Marine Insulators become skilled with hand-tools such as knives, wire cutters, saws, and tape measures. They are responsible for handling and applying rubber, fiberglass hullboard, pipe sections made of fiberglass or calcium silicate, fiberglass tape/cloth, adhesives and Tempmatt.
Marine Insulator positions typically require a high school diploma.
Marine Insulator careers typically require the ability to :
- Demonstrate high-quality craftsmanship
- Pass a drug test
- Obtain a security clearance
- Be reliable and punctual

Previous experience is preferred and sometimes required.

Company Information

Thermcor Inc.
2601 Colley Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23517
Phone: 757-622-7881 ext 234

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2713 Colley Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23517
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