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Reports to Fire Watch Coordinator. Interacts with fire watches, hot work operators. Assist coordinator in monitoring and surveillance of assigned Fire Watch Personnel. Assist Fire Watch Coordinator (J1-J4) to ensure fire watch compliance onboard ship enforcing company policies and procedures including NAVSEA / OSHA / NFPA Standards. Job Duties: Assist coordinator in monitoring fire watches onboard the ship. Assure reporting fire watches have proper certifications (FW/Respirator/OSHA /VSRA/Cards) and applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Assist in conducting EHS Safety briefs daily for all assigned fire watches in accordance with monthly schedule. Assist Fire watch Coordinator in supporting daily production efforts with trade mechanics and safety personnel. Maintain surveillance of fire watch personnel throughout the shift to ensure they are mentally and physically capable of performing their duties in order to maintain a safe and productive work environment. Assure Fire Watches are fully aware of Shipboard Emergency Evacuation Procedures to include muster locations and accountability of personnel. Assure that any accident occurring during shift is reported immediately to the supervisor or safety department representative. Requirements: Reads and writes effectively, speaks with clarity and listens actively. Has solid math skills. Uses computers and network systems when appropriate. Seeks professional growth and career opportunities. Familiar with customer requirements; resolving conflicts; treating others with respect. Effective problem solver; uses reference materials; makes proper use of time and available resources.

Category: Firewatch

NOTE: The following description is a GENERAL Overview of this career and not a description of a particular job posting.

The primary responsibility of a firewatch is to stand watch at an assigned location and identify and prevent any hazardous situations.

Typical Job Responsibilities include:
- Inspecting an area prior to any hot work being performed to ensure all flammable and combustible material have been removed
- Delivering all safety equipment (including appropriate fire extinguisher) to site
- Staying stationed in the work site such that they can respond quickly to prevent fires
- Conducting frequent inspections of the hot work areas during hot work to ensure area is still safe and working conditions are favorable
- Reporting fires and accidents to the officer of the deck and Firewatch Coordinator immediately
- Remaining in place for thirty minutes following work performed to clean area and to ensure work site conditions remain safe
High School Diploma preferred. Must complete Fire Watch training.
A firewatch must:
- Have the ability to carry out written and/or oral instructions
- Successfully complete a Fire Watch Training course
- Be able to wear safety equipment provided (i.e. self-contained breathing apparatus)
- Be able to work effectively as part of a field crew
- Be a steady and reliable worker
- Previous work within the maritime industry and familiarity with maritime terminology preferred
- Knowledge of hot work procedures preferred

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