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Aluminum TIG Welder

Job duties include but not limited to: Must have tig, mig, and stick combo Skills in the fabrication, joining and repairing of various metal objects Plan, layout, assemble, install, and repair sheet metal parts, equipment and products utilizing knowledge of working characteristics of metallic and non-metallic materials Use hand tools, power tools, machines and equipment Read and interpret blueprints, sketches, or product specifications to determine sequence and methods of fabricating, assembling and installing metal products Select gauges, types and quantities of materials according to product specification Shape metal material over anvil, blocks or other forms using heat and hand tools Responsible for keeping work area, machines, and equipment safe, clean, and in good working order Cut, grind, smooth and polish surfaces using hand tools and power tools Apply knowledge of mathematics and layout techniques to develop and trace patterns of products or parts Ability to gain various types of certifications and maintain appropriate qualification 4 years of experience Expected to test for x-ray. Be knowledgeable with the 5xxx Process Experience with welding with Welding Aluminum Qualifications: Must have in depth knowledge and experience in brazing, welding of pipe, and in gas tungsten inert arc welding (TIG/GTAW). Must have experience in installation, maintenance, and repair of high energy piping systems onboard marine vessels. Able to perform pipe welding requirements to 6G standards, weld in and out of position on various pipe configurations using shielded metal arc (SMAW/Stick) and gas tungsten inert arc (GTAW/TIG) welding processes. Able to read and interpret blueprints.