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Laminator Parts of the Job:  Inspect condition of furniture in preparation for lamination to ensure quality laminate work.  Use hand tools: Knife, Chisel, Drill, Combination square, etc. Use power tools shut as table saw, belt sander etc. Assemble metal cabinetry. Laminate Cabinet surfaces. Grain matching Laminate: Drawer fronts, Doors, Bulkheads, etc. Knowledge of Reveals and how to achieve the proper Gaps on Doors & Drawers: full overlay, half overlay, Inset, Side mount, Under mount etc. Trimming out cabinetry. Provide quality checks on finished product (post-assembled) to ensure laminate is in good condition Problem solving, knowing how to navigate through the drawings and spot flaws that may cause a rebuild if overlooked. Control inventory used in laminate shop. Engage in good housekeeping and being responsible for cleanliness of laminate shop. Maintain safety standards in the laminate shop and report issues in lighting, ventilation, and other concerns to supervisor. Keep current MSDS lists in laminate shop for products being used. Willing to perform other duties assigned by Supervisor/Management Follow safety guidelines and comply with OSHA (Occupational and Safety Health Act) requirements. Requirements: Must be able to lift 60+ lbs  Must be able to safely work with hand tools & Machinery: Table saw, Chop saw, Bandsaw, Drill press, Routers, Edge sander, etc. Must have own hand tools: Hammer, Drill, Tape measure, Knife, Squares, Chisels, Nail setter, etc. Self-motivated and willing to work as a team member ·

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