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Pipe Welder

Pay Rate $17.34-$27.31 based on experience Minimum of five years commercial/naval experience Required Skills: 1.Multi-pass. All position fillet and butt welds using the SMAW (Shielded metal arc) process 2. Ability to fuse inserts and weld carbon steel, stainless steel and copper nickel pipe using the SMAW and GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) processes 3. Ability to mirror weld using the SMAW and GTAW processes 4. Heating - Oxygen/Propane Heating Torch 5. Experience working in physically demanding environments (shipboard, sub-assemblies, ladders, staging, etc.). 6. Familiarity with OSHA regulations relative to the shipbuilding industry. 7. Ability to properly use fillet gauges, butt gauges, and a six inch scale. Welding Qualifications: 1. All positions using the SMAW and GTAW processes 2. Thin wall sockets (Required for below 0.187 wall joints) The Welding School will administer tests for the following qualifications: 1. Welders Vision Test (5 Minutes) 2. Visual Inspection of Welds Level I (4 Hours) 3. Pre-heat and Interpass (1 hour) 4. Fire Watch CBT (2 hours) 5. Torch Safety test and practical (3 hours) 6. Welding Qualification tests for: 503, 502, 541, 725, 506, 659, 556, 650, 664 and 557 (Testing will run approximately 2½ weeks). Prior to performing work all welders must successfully pass the above tests and have a completed FORM 1429 and a statement of current maintenance on file with O37 Welding Engineering. The Welding School will administer the fire watch training and test VIA computer based, and will also test and verify torch safety knowledge and practical demonstration of proper hook-up and shut down prior to certifying them as torch operators.