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Test Electrician

he Test Electrician must have five (5) or more years of experience in the electrical field – Industrial, Marine or Commercial Nuclear applications. Required skills 1. Must be able to accurately read and make measurements with tools including tape measures and stick rulers 2. Must be able to read and interpret shipboard electrical installation drawings, wiring tables, schematics, and work packages. 3. Must have a basic understanding of electrical theory. (i.e. DC, AC, Motors) 4. Have a working knowledge of electrical components in a system (i.e. Contactor relays, overload relays, transformers, terminal boards) 5. Have a working knowledge of schematic symbols (i.e. normally open/closed contacts, normally open/closed switches, timer relay symbols, pushbuttons, etc.) 6. Be familiar with LVR (low voltage release) and LVP (low voltage protection) 7. Must be able to read and utilize test procedures and work documents 8. Work independently with proper instruction. 9. The candidate should have experience working in and leading a small team of 2 or more employees 10. Proficient in the use of basic electrical meters and test instruments (volt-ohm meter, clamp-on ammeter, insulation resistance testers, phase rotation tester, meggers, etc.). 11. General deck electrical work. (i.e. layoff and mount electrical equipment and wireways; install cable penetrations in equipment , bulkheads, and decks; cable installation; cable terminations; and cut-in and hook-up) 12. Must be able to read and identify equipment and component label plates. 13. Able to verify circuit continuity using applicable drawings, meters, and test equipment (e.g wire check phones) 14. An intermediate/advanced understanding of a ship’s power distribution system 15. Must be knowledgeable in lockout/tag out and hazardous energy control procedures. 16. Test and inspect low, medium, and high-voltage cable installations. 17. Ability to troubleshoot electrical performance deficiencies (e.g. ground fault, motor circuits, power circuits) 18. The ability to read schematics and determine the cause of the fault in the system drawings and components. 19. Proficient in the use of basic electrician hand tools (i.e. Pliers, wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, connector crimping tools, etc.) 20. Physically able to climb vertical and inclined stairs and ladders, crawl, bend, stoop, work at heights, and work in confined spaces. Pay Rate: 17.34-27.31 Based on experience.