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Abrasive Blaster (C-7 certified)

Pay Rate $17.34-$27.31 Blasters must have three (3) or more years of experience in using high pressure blast equipment. Experience must include working in a physically demanding environment, confined spaces, working at heights, and in the use of a blaster air-fed helmet and/or soft hood air-fed respirator and a negative-pressure half-face respirator. Blasters must be of height and weight that will allow entrance and movement through man way and tank openings. All blasters must be United States Citizens. Blasters are not being hired as Blast Machine Equipment Operators (BMEO’s) and Ultra-High Pressure Water Blasters. Certification: Blasters shall be certified in accordance with SSPC-C-7, Refer to Systems & Specifications Manual, Volume 2 (Steel Structures Painting Council) and Chapter 631-11.5 Shipyard Blasters and Painters Certification. SSPC-C-7 is required per NAVSEA Standard Item 009-32. Required Safety Training / Qualifications: Leased Labor Provider Company (LLPC) shall provide employees who have completed the following safety training and /or medical clearance. Leased Labor Provider Company shall provide documentation (copy of training, records, medical clearances, etc.) on Company Letterhead to Newport News Environmental, Health and Safety Department (O27) for review and approval prior to assignment of employees to work at Newport News. All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE*) is to be provided by the Leased Labor Provider Company, which includes replacement of any damaged PPE. All Personal Protective Equipment provided by the Leased Labor Provider Company shall meet the requirements of OSHA and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and /or as specified by Newport News. 1. Confined Space Entry trained in accordance with OSHA Standards 29CFR1915 Subpart B. 2. Hazard communication trained in accordance with OSHA Standard 29CFR 1915.1200 [1910.1200) (h) – (1) through (3) (iv)]. 3. Blaster shall be inorganic arsenic trained and medically qualified in accordance with OSHA Standard 29CFR 1910.1018 and crystalline silica trained and medically qualified in accordance with OSHA Standard 29CFR 1910.1053. 4. Blaster’s Respirators/Helmet trained and qualified. A Respirator Medical Clearance Examination as required by a Physician. The Blaster’s Respirators/Helmet Training and Fit Testing (where applicable) will meet the requirements of Standard 29CFR1910.134 and each blaster shall be trained in a • RPB NOVA 3 Air-Fed Helmet with or without the Cooling System • MSA Soft Hood Air-Fed Respirator with or without the Cooling System, MSA V-Gard head protection (worn underneath soft hood), and North by Honeywell BC86 Bump Cap, dark green #BC86040000 (worn in tight spaces) - (approximate weight 4.5 lbs.) • MSA Half Face Negative-Pressure COMFO CLASSIC Respirator - (approximate weight 12 oz.) Training shall mean all parts of the blaster respirators/helmet equipment systems. The above respiratory equipment represents that used by abrasive blasters at Newport News. Daily use of respirators may occur.

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