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Tank Cleaner

Job duties include but not limited to: Cleans interiors of boilers, storage tanks, industrial processing tanks, kilns, and tank and refrigerator railroad cars to remove emulsion and incrustations, using shovels, squeegees, brooms, scrapers, hoses, water, and solvents Drains tank, connects hose to water or steam lines, and sprays walls, roof, and bottom of tank to flush residue, such as oil, acid, grease, and sludge through tank openings. Sweeps up debris and shovels sludge into buckets or wheelbarrows or down chutes. Removes chemical residues and other liquids from tank bottoms with squeegees or pump and suction hoses Assist with conducting pumping operations, closing checkpoints, cleaning, setup / breakdown of all equipment. Must be able to assess & execute hoses runs from pier to the designated pumping area onboard the vessel. Requirements include: Must be able to work up to 12 hour shifts and up to 7 days a week unlimited overtime Must be able to climb ladder wells, enter tanks, voids, etc. Experience in confined space operations a plus Must be able to obtain base access EQUIPMENT: Access/ Badges Required: DBIDS, OSHA, & VSRA Respirator Type: 3M half face – filter/cartridge Equipment Used: Rags, pumps, & hose’s PPE Required: Respirator, blue hard hat, knee pads, safety glasses, rubber gloves, & intrinsically safe flashlight