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A marine spray painter applies epoxy and non-epoxy coatings via spray application to ship tanks, bilges, underwater hulls, freeboards, superstructures, ship interiors or any other areas on a vessel requiring spray application of specified coatings. The marine spray painters should have a working knowledge of airless pumps and plural component pumps. Proper set up, use, cleaning and breakdown of each of these pumps will be the responsibility of the marine spray painter. The marine spray painter should be able to read, understand, and follow a paint manufactures' product data sheet. Job Type: Full-time, hourly Required experience: Two years (2) experience as a marine or industrial spray painter using an airless pump or plural component pump. Must be 18 years' old. Experience working in a physically demanding environment; confined spaces, working at heights. Be respirator fit tested and trained in respiratory safety per OSHA standards. Forklift training/certification a plus (additional training will be required once hired for those using a forklift) Aerial man lift training/certification a plus (additional training will be required once hired for those using an aerial man lift) Understand and carry out verbal directions given by supervisor. Understand and obey all posted warning, caution, notification and/or hazards signs posted on a job site. All candidates must submit to drug testing and E-Verification of their right to work in the US. A criminal background check may be required. Current SSPC MPAC C14 or SSPC C12 Required. Reliable transportation a must You will be expected to work on all days/nights assigned. Benefits: In addition to competitive pay, we provide a benefits package. Benefits subject to employment eligibility. Vacation Pay Health insurance Life insurance Dental Quality Coatings is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) Must be able to Obtain/Maintain Dbids credentials plus other security clearances as required.

Category: Marine Painter

NOTE: The following description is a GENERAL Overview of this career and not a description of a particular job posting.

Marine Painters are skilled in the craft of covering various vessel surfaces, both interior and exterior, with protective coatings using brushes, spray guns, and rollers. Many kinds of paints/coatings are used as protection of steel, wood, fiberglass, and other surfaces from rust and corrosion, and protection of the underwater portion of vessels against the attachment of marine life. Painters must know the proper surface preparations, the best coating to use for each purpose and the accepted application techniques to obtain the desired results.

A Marine painter's typical duties include:
- Preparing the surface (by sanding, blasting, cleaning, etc.)
- Removing old coatings using chemicals
- Applying primers and finish coats
- Providing quality wood finishing
- Tinting paints
- Spray painting (indoors and outdoors)
- Sign work ( such as cutting stencils, hand lettering, silk screen lettering, etc.)
- Poster work (design and lay out)
- Graining, marbling, and flocking
- Gold and aluminum leaf application
- Estimating the quantity and type of coating needed, and the required amount of labor for each task

Marine Painters must also be familiar with, and trained in, the proper use of respiratory protection equipment such as respirators and other breathing devices.
Typically, Marine Painting careers require a high school diploma.
Typically, the ideal Marine Painting candidate will posses:
- Previous job experience, particularly in a maritime setting
- Basic trade knowledge, such as the use of job related tools and equipment
- A strong work ethic (flexible, reliable, and punctual)