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SUMMARY DESCRIPTION: Under limited supervision, the Diving Supervisor develops, executes, manages, and coordinates project plans, including implementation schedules and resource estimates, for diving projects as assigned. The position may require worldwide travel on an emergency call out basis. This position will be expected to work in the facility (8 hours), on board ships at sea (12 hours), and on remote job sites on a daily basis. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: -Directly supervise projects from mobilization through to demobilization and final reporting. -Manage project staff and contractors as well as third party relationships (e.g. military personnel, diverse groups of technical and professional inspectors, and workshop employees) to ensure the safe and successful completion of all projects. -Liaison with clients as needed and resolve any project related issues. -Develop integrated project plans, implementation schedules, and cost estimates for major, long-term projects; prepare and manage project budgets and perform periodic cost and productivity analyses. -Communicate regularly with executive management and administration regarding the status of current project initiatives; obtain executive guidance and approval as required to advance initiatives. -Provide expert advice and consultation on diving projects as requested. -Must understand and comply with all safety rules and regulations including all relevant governmental regulatory agency regulations, the Phoenix dive manuals, and Phoenix safety policy. Ensure that all rules and regulations are followed. -Ensure that all relevant operating instructions, manuals, decompression tables, treatment schedules, and regulatory publications are available at the dive location and are maintained to reflect current changes and/or developments. -While on duty, be in immediate control and available to implement emergency procedures. Ensure diving operations are carried on from a suitable and safe location. -Assign the duties of all members of the dive team and personally direct them throughout the diving operation. -Verify personally that all personnel in the dive team are qualified and physically able to perform tasks assigned, including reassessment of divers prior to each dive. -Report all accidents or incidents involving personnel as required by employer rules and relevant governmental regulations. -Maintain and submit reports required by Phoenix and relevant government regulations concerning diving operations and equipment maintenance, testing, and repair. -Report project and budget status to the client as required in accordance with company policy and contract requirements. -Prepare and or assist with job quotes and proposals. -Responsible for ensuring a profitable job including: daily cost tracking and accountability of material, personnel, and subcontractor cost. -Be proactive in helping marketing and sales where needed. -Ensure client’s and regulatory agencies’ satisfaction (ABS, D&V, U.S. Coast Guard). -Represent the company to various in-house divisions and components as well as to various external customers and entities. -Promote and ensure compliance with Phoenix’s safety programs and Phoenix quality management system (QMS), and cognizant company policies, processes, and procedures. JOB REQUIREMENTS: -Graduate of a professional diving school. -Eight years of direct experience with air- and mixed-gas diving operations and underwater maintenance or repair operations. -Experience in the use of diving equipment, decompression chambers, pumps, compressors, welding equipment, etc. -Five years of experience in directing divers, ship’s personnel, and support crews in the execution of their duties. -Demonstrated experience in acting independently under the most general guidelines and ability to assume complete charge of complex operations, involving specialists in all facets of diving operations to meet planned schedules. Must be able to handle the wide range of actual and potential emergency situations that dive crews may encounter. -Knowledge of project management principles, practices, techniques, and tools including skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities. Possess a thorough background in and knowledge of financial management, including cost control and estimating; knowledge of inventory and property control procedures. Ability to develop project budgets and projections. Ability to develop, plan, and implement short- and long-range goals. -Possess sound verbal and written communication skills. -Skill in the use of personal computers and related software applications. -Strong interpersonal skills and ability to deal effectively in a team environment. -Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures, formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures. -Significant physical effort required. -Significant exposure to physical risk. -Must possess a current Passport, ADCI Card, and TWIC Card. -Must be able to obtain a U.S. Government security clearance. -Must be able, and willing, to travel worldwide, on short notice for indefinite periods of time.