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Congressman Scott Taylor Addresses VSRA Membership

VSRA's December General Membership Luncheon meeting was held on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at the Portsmouth Renaissance Hotel. VSRA President Bill Crow and Chairman Dave Thomas recognized the vital volunteers who contributed to the Association's success throughout 2016, including the incredible Chairs of each VSRA committee.

Newly-elected 2nd District Congressman Scott Taylor also addressed the VSRA Membership, emphasizing that he understands the need to maintain the Ship Repair industrial base in Hampton Roads, and expressing his dedication to be an advocate for Ship Repair in Congress. "It's an honor" to serve the 2nd District, Taylor stated, acknowledging that the district has more Veterans and Active Duty Military than any other in the nation.

Congressman Taylor spoke at length about the indiscriminate funding cuts known as sequestration, and his desire to advocate to avoid a sequester. Taylor shared with the Membership that he had been working towards an appointment to the Appropriations Committee, stating that if he is not appointed, Virginia will be without an appropriator for the first time in 105 years. [Editor's Note: Rep. Taylor's appointment to the Appropriations Committee was announced on January 4, 2017. Source.]

In response to questions from the Membership, Taylor stressed his philosophy that, "it is all about relationships," when it comes to a Freshman Congressman making headway in Washington. His desire is to use those around him as resources for knowledge, including fellow Congressman Rob Wittman of Virginia's 3rd District, as well as industry leaders. "My office is always open," he said, "I want us to be a resource for each other."

Scott Taylor was raised on the Delmarva Peninsula in a little hamlet named Hebron in Maryland.

Scott began working on a farm at 11 years old and soon after was introduced to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program of America. His Big Brother changed Scott’s life and helped set Scott on a path to success.

An accomplished wrestler in high school, after graduation Scott wanted to serve his country so he joined the Navy. He signed up to join one of the most feared fighting forces in the world, the Navy SEALS. After completing the six-month BUD/S training course in Coronado, California, Scott was assigned to SEAL Team 4 and served in the United States and Latin America, where he learned a fluency in Spanish.

Scott re-enlisted in the Navy after 9/11. In 2005, Scott was sent to Baghdad/Ramadi as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Scott served as a Navy SEAL sniper. Scott was severely injured while on a combat mission and was Medevac’d out of Iraq to Germany, then eventually back to the States.

As a civilian in Virginia Beach, Scott became an entrepreneur, real estate broker and small-scope developer. He traveled to the Middle East over numerous years advising 9 multinational companies on security and asset protection. He is a dynamic speaker, having keynoted events with Fortune 500 companies and NFL football teams.

In 2013, Scott won a hotly contested Republican primary and was in November elected to the House of Delegates, representing families in the 85th District which is principally the Kempsville and Town Center area in Virginia Beach.

Scott used his GI Bill education benefits to earn a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Harvard University’s Extension School and is currently pursuing his masters there in the same field. He holds a Master’s Certificate in Government Contracting at Old Dominion University.

Scott worships at Wave Church in Virginia Beach.

As a member of the House, Scott has been a successful legislator on issues important to families. His legislative accomplishments include matters dealing with energy, workforce and veterans issues.

Scott was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia's 2nd district in November of 2016.

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