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VSRF Partnership with Virginia Wesleyan University

Your active and engaged Virginia Ship Repair Foundation (VSRF) Board of Directors has embarking on a new partnership in summer of 2022 with the Virginia Wesleyan University (VWU).  This partnership was forged with the goal and objective to provide valued educational opportunities to our VSRA member companies and their employees. VWU has developed four off the shelf educational programs for our ship repair industry students.

Through their Workforce Development program, they offer a Corporate Learning Partnership which allows them to tailor programs for individual companies based on company needs (i.e., leadership, communication analytics, etc.). Working with the Virginia Beach Economic Development Authority, they can offer no-cost courses in many business skill building areas.

The VWU Undergraduate program offers an Evening, Weekend and Online Program (EWP) that provides students with a flexibility to earn a bachelor’s degree with tuition reduced by 75%.

From their Graduate program, students can also receive a master’s degree in business at Virginia Wesleyan University in general business, finance, and healthcare.

VWU also offers a Certificate Program with over 600 non-credit certificate programs in a wide variety of subjects including business management, project management, logistics, IT, and purchasing.

VWU offers VSRA members and their employees an additional 10% tuition reduction with our partnership agreement.

We are wanting to make sure that you and your companies are aware that, if desired, your employees who are seeking higher education possibly exercise this opportunity with VWU.

Point of contact information for additional VWU information is:

Larry Belcher
Director of Enrollment, VWU Global Campus
Virginia Wesleyan University     
5817 Wesleyan Drive
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455
Mobile: 804.441.0351
Phone: 757.455.3292
Email: lbelcher@vwu.edu


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