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ODU Professional Development Center

4111 Monarch Way, Suite 106 , Norfolk, VA 23508
Phone: 757-683-5508 Contact Name: Clair Dorsey
Fax: 757-683-5509 Contact Email: cdorsey@odu.edu
Website: Click here to view Contact Phone: 757-683-5508


AutoCAD Advanced

This course focuses on using advanced annotation, drawing with complex objects (including polylines, regions, and advanced text objects), defining blocks and attributes, using external reference files and image files, using layouts and advanced plotting features, creating sheet sets, and enhancing productivity with simple customization.

AutoCAD Electrical Intermediate

Learn how to customize databases and other reference files to tailor AutoCAD® Electrical 2010 software to specific projects and company requirements. Also learn how to be more productive by updating title block attributes, generating automatic reports, using PLC I/O modules, managing cables, and using the circuit builder. Hands-on exercises representing real-world design scenarios for the JIC (U.S.) standard are included.

AutoCAD Electrical Introduction

This course provides an overview of many AutoCAD Electrical 2011 utilities designed to enable students to quickly create and manage electrical-controls production drawings. Students focus on how to build intelligent ladder diagrams and panel layouts, and how to leverage the intelligence built into AutoCAD Electrical. Hands-on exercises representing real-world design scenarios for the JIC (US) standard are included.

AutoCAD Mechanical Introduction

In this instructor led hands-on class, you’ll learn the features, tools, and proper techniques for creating 2D mechanical drawings using AutoCAD® Mechanical 2010. The hands-on exercises, representing real-world design scenarios, teach you how to efficiently create mechanical designs and engineering production drawings.

Civil 3D Introduction

During this course, you’ll learn the core concepts of AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2011 and gain comprehensive experience with the features and benefits of AutoCAD Civil 3D. Live instructor led hands-on exercises throughout the class explore how to create 2D and 3D Civil engineering drawings.

Revit MEP Electrical Introduction

Learn about building information modeling and the tools for parametric Revit MEP Electrical systems design and documentation using Autodesk Revit MEP 2010 Electrical.