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Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy

5301 Robinhood Rd Suite 100, Norfolk, VA 23513
Phone: 757-464-6008 Contact Name: Lamont Godfrey
Fax: 757-464-2287 Contact Email: lgodfrey@mamatrains.com; info@mamatrains.com
Website: Click here to view Contact Phone: 757-227-5718



Mission Statement The mission of the Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy is to provide unparalleled expertise and instruction to students pursuing a career in the maritime industry. Vision Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy's vision is to be the premier leader in innovative, comprehensive, creative, and state-of-the-art maritime training. Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy is a highly respected, state-of-the-art vocational training center established for individuals who seek to enter the exciting maritime profession, as well as mariners seeking to advance their careers. MID-ATLANTIC MARITIME ACADEMY offers 100+ USCG approved deck courses and engineering courses along with tailored courses. Our expert staff of highly regarded, seasoned instructors provides a combination of unequaled teaching techniques with cutting-edge technology such as "hands on" equipment systems maintenance, and interactive simulations. The Academy also provides outstanding training to civilian and military mariners from around the globe. Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy is dedicated to assisting mariners maintain and advance their certification, and to assist individuals seeking to enter the maritime profession. We focus on providing the highest quality training using effective technologies and teaching techniques so that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in today's merchant marine. The goals of Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy include: • Providing training programs and individual courses to facilitate entry into the merchant marine at the support, operational and management levels; • Providing training programs and individual courses to individuals already in the maritime profession that facilitate advancement within the merchant marine; • Providing continuing education courses that meet the regulatory and industry demand for advanced training; • Providing customized courses and related services based on the specific needs of companies, affiliates and other organizations that assist in solving maritime advancement, training, educational and safety issues; • Having Highly Qualified Instructors that will not only teach, but inspire; • Providing training for standard operation and watch keeping; • Providing training in advanced operation and troubleshooting; • Developing continuing education programs; and • Providing professional development programs. Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy Provides Practical Programs and Customized Courses that: • Prepare our students with the skills and knowledge for success in today's maritime industry; • Facilitate entry and advancement in the merchant marine at support, operational and management levels; • Meet or exceed the regulatory and industry demand for training with customized courses and related services; • Provide training for standard and advanced operations and watch-keeping; • Prepare for Coast Guard licensing exams; and • Include continuing education programs LOCATION Mid-Atlantic Maritime Academy LLC is located at: 5301 Robin Hood Road Suite 100 Norfolk, Virginia 23513 Tel: 757-464-6008 Fax: 757-464-2287 Website: www.mamatrains.com email: info@mamatrains.com