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VSRF Digitial Innovation Competition

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Each year, the Virginia Ship Repair Foundation sponsors a Digitial Innovation Competition for Middle School students aimed at enhancing awareness of careers available in the Ship Repair Industry, and the skills and education needed to pursue those careers. Participation in the VSRF Digitial Innovation Competition will increase the students' mathematical, analytical, and conceptual skills, as well as give them valuable information on an industry that is vital to their community.

In a nutshell, school teams will:

  1. Use CAD software to design a portion of a ship that may be repaired in Hampton Roads
  2. Prepare an essay on ship repair occupations (800 words)
  3. Prepare a PowerPoint on the design and essay
  4. Present their PowerPoint on Competition Day! 

What do students get out of participating?

  • Learn new technical skills using 3D software
  • Develop team building skills to complete the project
  • Learn how to utilize Project Time Lines to meet deadlines
  • Learn about careers and the ship repair history of Hampton Roads
  • Prizes, awards and more!

Teams will receive the following:

  • Team competition t-shirt
  • Orientation to the competition
  • An assigned technical advisor to provide guidance and support

Winning Teams earn cash prizes for their school!

For further information on the Digitial Innovation Competition, or any other valuable VSRF initiatives, please contact Sallena Nikitas by e-mailing SNikitas@VirginiaShipRepair.org or calling the VSRA office at (757) 233-7034.