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VSRA Responds to COVID-19 Outbreak

The Virginia Ship Repair Association committees provide a space to work together to address the pitfalls and possibilities that face our local ship repair industry. While the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic prevents these committees from meeting in person we recognize their need now more than ever.

As part of our response to the COVID-19 Outbreak, VSRA has adapted to host virtual committee meetings which we are confident will provide relevant, useful information for all of our Members. Working alongside committee chairs and co-chairs, we have plans for all committees to take place as scheduled via video or phone conference. With the successes of the recent Contracts Webinar (which can be viewed here) and the virtual Cybersecurity Committee meeting, we look forward to the rest of our committees meeting virtually, as they provide a much-needed communication pipeline to discuss COVID-19 related issues. Please click here to access the committee page and view upcoming virtual meetings.

 Providing the committees in a virtual platform is but one of several ways VSRA has responded to COVID-19.  Through input from its members, coupled by the guidance of the committee’s co-chairs, Donna Watkins and Larry Ryan, the Safety and Environmental Committee created a comprehensive COVID-19 Resources and Lessons Learned document, covering an array of strategies to combat COVID-19 in the shipyard. Please click here to view the document.

In addition, we have launched a COVID-19 Disaster Relief Resources page, which can be found on VSRA’s website (please click here). The page lists companies who have services, supplies, or other resources that can assist with the ongoing health situation. If your company provides in-demand services, supplies or other resources relating to COVID-19 Disaster Relief, please click here to add your company to the list.

Finally, a list of all the COVID-19 resources that VSRA has compiled, including guidance from NAVSEA, CNRMC, and MARMC, can be found on the VSRA home page. Click here to view our compiled COVID-19 Information & Resource page.

VSRA continues to provide our members with the resources and support you need, and we are committed to helping you continue completing these essential jobs as safely as possible. We are proud to serve our courageous members in any way possible, and we thank you for your diligent commitment in these trying times. You truly are the STRENGTH BEHIND THE FLEET!

Should you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail at info@VirginiaShipRepair.org or via phone at (757) 233-7034.

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