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16th Annual VSRF Tradesperson of the Year Awards - Nomination Forms Available

VSRF (Virginia Ship Repair Foundation) established the Tradesperson of the Year (ToY) Awards in 2006. Each year we get numerous nominations in two categories to determine the winners for the year. The Junior awardee has less than 5 years of trade experience, the Senior has 5 years or more in trade experience. 

We value the vital role our tradespeople play in ensuring the strength of our Naval  defense. Help us recognize the best in their field! 

Nominations forms are available below. Deadline to submit your nominations will be Friday, October 14, 2022, 5:00 p.m.

Click below for the Nomination Forms:

2022 VSRF ToY Junior Nomination Form
2022 VSRF ToY Senior Nomination Form

VSRF Junior Sample Nomination Form
VSRF Senior Sample Nomination Form

If you have questions or need further information, please contact Caraina Phillips at  cphillips@virginiashiprepair.org or by calling 757.233.7034.

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Nomination Tips:
The judges look for specific examples of expertise, leadership and commitment. Please be descriptive in your answers. Other areas that weigh in on the decision-making are: creativity, safety, professionalism and growth. Please try to refrain from using the nominee’s name or company name in your nominee descriptions other than on the first page of the nomination form. Also please refrain from using HE or SHE within nominee descriptions, instead please use THEM, THEY, THEIR or NOMINEE as we want to maintain anonymity of the individual.


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