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Electrical Design and Implementation Manager

Electrical Design and Implementation Manager The Electrical Design and Implementation Manager is suited for an experienced professional with advanced knowledge in the electrical field. This role requires working knowledge of power generation, electronics controls and fuel systems. Further, this position involves Complex Systems oversight and must be able to identify and resolve discrepancies with the customer prior to ship date. Electrical Design and Implementation Manager Responsibilities: • Provide hands on involvement, oversight and training of electricians on the more complex ASC projects. • Work with Sales Engineers pertaining to electrical design, proposals and specification requirements to ensure NEC code adherence. • Properly inspect each unit before shipping using product drawings and specifications. Correct any errors or defects as needed with respective Supervisors or Managers. • Provide leadership and guidance on the standard way ASC should design and lay out the electrical component of the enclosure; act as a consultant in this area. Produce electrical drawing schematics as part of the design process for new and revised projects. • Deliver technical guidance and on-the-job training to applicable employees on the safe operation of equipment/tools and proper work techniques and skills necessary to complete work assignments. • Create, organize, implement and manage cross training for all production employees on topics of electrical portion of our product offering. • Application and knowledge of master electrician level skills in the installation and repair of electrical systems. • Exercise considerable initiative and discretion in determining work methods and in determining work priorities. • Do standard computations related to load requirements of wiring or electrical equipment. • Read wiring diagrams and interpret specifications to determine appropriate installation process. • Must be able to work from drawings, layouts, blueprints or other specifications while constructing equipment. • Develop Electrical Bill of Materials (BOM) and purchase equipment for Complex Systems. • Produce and manage project submittals for complex and extended program projects. • Understand and review third-party materials expected to be received for the project. Ensure timely receipt and have a clear understanding of what needs to be done from an electrical standpoint. Electrical Design and Implementation Manager Qualifications / Skills: • Must have a thorough understanding of power generation products including generators, transformers, switchboards, controllers, circuit breakers, motors, heating units, conduit systems, etc. • Ability to carry out instructions given in written, oral or diagram form; ability to read drawings, schematics and blueprints. • Ability to bend Conduit • Excellent customer satisfaction skills and the ability to project a positive, professional image with customers. • Ability to visualize the plan for running electrical equipment without detailed electrical drawings. • AutoCAD skills • Knowledge and understanding of current National Electric Code (NEC); Ensure adherence to the NEC Code. Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements: • MUST have and maintain a State Certified Electrician License • Certified Master Electrician Credential preferred • A minimum of 4 years of work experience required to include: installation, maintenance and repair of equipment for the generation, distribution or utilization of electric energy • Training from accredited technical school specializing in diesel or gas engines, or honorable discharge with a duty assignment related to power generation equipment service. • Formal electronics training to include: Cable Dressing, Cable Tray, Conduit and Making/Repairing Connectors. • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering is a plus • Medium voltage termination experience is required Additional Requirements: • Some travel required to job sites, as needed.

Category: Engineering Design

NOTE: The following description is a GENERAL Overview of this career and not a description of a particular job posting.

Engineering Design workers are typically responsible for the generation of panel layouts, sub assemblies, schematics, wiring diagrams, wire run lists, component selection, etc. for electrical systems of large scale industrial machinery. The main tool for design documentation is AutoCAD.

Job Functions:
•Assure drawings and layouts are accurate, complete, and finished in a timely manner.
•Generation and maintenance of bill of materials and parts lists.
•Applying Engineering design techniques and utilize calculations in support of design/experimental activities.
•Develop electrical wiring schematics, sub-assembly drawings, and bills of material for control system design.
•Identify and solve technical engineering problems.
•Provide or assist in the creation of technical descriptions of operation, equipment checkout procedures, technical reports, user manuals and other documentation as required.
•Release components and system designs for manufacture of orders.
•Estimate man-hours required for tasks and report progress on assigned tasks.
•Provide plans, schedules, and estimates for technical programs.
•Work in conjunction with other groups to organize and plan assigned projects.
A BSEE / BSET or Two Year Electrical Technical Degree is typically required.
1-5 years experience in CAD electrical design related to ship repair/maintenance using recent versions of AutoCAD
Must be able to read, interpret and produce engineering schematics, wiring diagrams, point-to-point drawings, and engineering fabrication drawings
Must be able to work aboard vessels, climb ladders, and work in confined spaces
Must be a team player
Must be flexible in reference to project priorities
Must be willing to assemble technical manuals