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Welder 1st Class

Welder 1st Class Roles and Responsibilities: Performs various welding processes to repair, modify and install various pipes, structures, foundations and fittings associated with shipboard hydraulic, pneumatic and water systems Selects proper materials and requirements to perform welding functions. Fabricates and installs fixtures and jigs required for welding process alignments Once assigned, reports directly to the project Supervisor in the performance of his/her responsibilities Strictly adheres to corporate, federal, state and local safety regulations prior to setting up or operating any machinery Ensures that all Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) are worn and that all damaged PPE is discarded Reads and understands PPE Policy Reads and interprets blueprints to plan setup and operation of the machine shop equipment prior to commencing the operation Lays out material prior to performing welding operations to prevent possible errors Maintains good housekeeping practices, turning off machines when not in use, disposing of waste properly, sweeping the area, etc. Returns tools/equipment to proper location and reports any lost, missing, stolen or damaged items to the Tool Room Attendant Ensures that all requirements of the Quality Assurance Manual are followed when invoked by QA Workbook, Work Package (WP), Work Instructions (WI) and/or other guidance given by management Follows detailed repair procedures and instructions (e.g.; SOW, Specs, RCC, etc.) required completing the production operations Notifies Supervisor of any unsatisfactory condition(s) identified during the production operation (i.e.; repair, modification, etc.) Reads and understands advanced welding terminology, blueprints, drawings and schematics to plan installation, modification or repair prior to commencing the process Selects welding filler materials, joint design, proper heat ranges and most effective or required welding process/procedure to ensure quality welding operations IAW Std. Items Ensures control and assumes responsibility for Level I material controls Expertly performs all tasks required as a Welder. Provides mentoring to junior craftsman Produces quality welds, including pipe, in difficult or adverse conditions and is proficient in multiple welding procedures/procedures Performs work outside of trade if necessary Qualifications: High school diploma/equivalent with Apprenticeship Diploma and additional vocational courses or technical school graduate; and/or military and/or civilian experience with welding operations in a repair department or shipyard or fabrication shop 5 years’ experience as a welder Qualifies as a Welder/Workmanship Inspector in accordance with welding procedures Must be able to understand and perform the basic set up, adjustment, and operation of various welding equipment and hand tools used in the trade Must be qualified in a minimum of 5 welding/brazing processes to include SMAW, GTAW, FCAW Ability to obtain and maintain access to US Navy ships and government facilities Ability to communicate effectively, work independently or in a group Ability to do basic math (i.e., add, subtract, divide and multiply) Ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend English