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Marine Welder

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George G. Sharp, Inc.
George G. Sharp, Inc.
5041 Corporate Woods Drive, Suite 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-499-4125

Application Information

George G. Sharp, Inc.
5041 Corporate Woods Drive, Suite 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Job Title: Marine Welder/Burner Location: Virginia Beach, VA Job type: Full time General Description / Language to Use for Job Postings: The Welder/Burner is the skilled technician who pre-fabricates fits, assembles, installs and maintains piping systems, pipe supports, and related hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for steam, hot water heating, cooling, food service equipment, for suppression systems. Ensure that work is in accordance with relevant codes and standards. The Welder/Burner must be certified in accordance with NAVSEA Standard Item 009-12, NAVSEA S9074-0AQ-GIB-0 1 0/248 and NAVSEA 0900-LP-001-7000 for materials such as high strength steel HY80/HY100, bimetal, aluminum, CRES, copper, brass, bronze, ARCON Stud Horse, AGM JS1 Stud, PLASMA, Carbon Arc, etc. Reports to: Team Leader Responsibilities: • Welder/Burner should provide a working knowledge of material selection, trade mathematics; interpreting blueprint, technical instructions, and manuals. • Possess a working knowledge of: principles and methods of oxygen fuel cutting and electric arc welding (GTAW/SMAW) and arc cutting, heating properties of a variety of alloys and parent metals of U.S. Navy standard pertaining to welding on naval vessels, to weld in overhead, flat, horizontal, and vertical positions, and to work and follow oral and written directions. • When performing special processes such as welding, brazing and non-destructive testing on board Naval vessels and small crafts, the Welder/Burner shall be certified to the requirements of T9074-AQ-BIB-010/278 (Requirements for Non-Destructive Testing Methods); S9074-AR-GIB-010/1688 (Requirements for Fabrication, Welding, and Inspection of Submarine Structure). Minimum Educational Qualifications: • High school degree or equivalent GED and completed, in this trade, a shipyard apprenticeship program or a supplemental technical/vocational training beyond high school or on the job training in the shipboard industry. Minimum Previous Experience: • Minimum of (2) years’ of shipboard welding/burning working experience • Be at journeyman level of trade competence • Be able to perform gas torch, inert gas (MIG & TIG), and electrical arc welding of metal pipe, plate, castings conform to drawings, MIL-STDs, and fabrication documents. • Have a thorough knowledge of reading and understanding arrangement and construction blueprints. • Must have the ability to transpose from drawing to installation in naval ships. • Must have the ability to work to close tolerances in a variety of physical positions. Minimum Additional Training: • Must pass an occupational physical and respirator fit test • Must pass pre-employment drug screen • 10 hour OSHA training Other: Must be a US citizen Must be able to access government installations Must be able to walk, crawl, climb ladders and climb stairs without restriction

Category: Marine Welder

NOTE: The following description is a GENERAL Overview of this career and not a description of a particular job posting.

Marine Welders are skilled laborers who use a variety of equipment and methods to permanently join together various metal parts. Marine Welders will typically perform manual welding procedures using Shielded Metal Arc welding (SMAW) or Oxy-Acetylene torches, or use semiautomatic systems such as wire feeder machines. Marine Welders must be able to set up and use this equipment in a variety of positions (such as flat, vertical, horizontal, and overhead). Marine Welding methods include Arc, Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Submerged Arc, Carbon Arc, and Gas (Oxy-Acetylene). Certified Marine Welders must be able to perform pre- and post-heating, induction heating, surface hardening, stress relieving, and welding inspections. Skilled welders will also perform soldering and brazing operations. Standard metals that Marine Welders join together include all types of steels, aluminum, copper, monel, copper-nickel, bronzes, and cast iron. Each level of skilled Marine Welder (3rd, 2nd, 1st) will require Quality Assurance (QA) certifications.
Typically, Marine Welding careers require a high school diploma.
Typically, the ideal Marine Welding candidate will possess:
- Previous job experience, particularly in a maritime setting
- Basic trade knowledge, such as the use of job related tools and equipment
- A strong work ethic (flexible, reliable, punctual)