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NDT Inspector

JOURNEYPERSON 4 (QA NDT INSPECTOR) • Must meet all Journeyperson QA NDT Inspector 3 requirements. • Must be able to oversee a small group of people as a team. • Must be able to qualify as a Level II Non-Destructive Testing Inspector in the UT-shear wave within 9 months of assignment NDT process and must be qualified in all other NDT areas: VT, LPT, MT, and UT- thickness readings). • Must be proficient in reviewing and following NDT procedures, work specifications, drawings, technical manuals and regulatory body requirements. • Must be able to generate NDT reports documenting the results of inspections. • Must be able to draft and submit required reports and condition found reports (CFR) as required. • Must be able to identify Departures from Specification (DFS) and provide all Objective Quality Evidence (OQE) required to draft and submit a DFS for acceptance. • Must be able to conduct Correction Action Request (CAR) surveillance for close out. • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. • Must have excellent personal skills working with others. • Must have advanced computer skills with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and must have basic skills with Access Data Base and Project • Must be able to conduct NDT training to J1-J3 NDT inspectors in the execution of work. • Must be able to set, self-calibrate and use assigned testing, inspection and QA instruments. • Must be able to plan and mange a system for control of non-conforming product and implementing corrective and preventative action. • Must be able to use basic Lean and Six Sigma principles to provide recommended solutions to identified or perceived problems • Must be able to perform quality system audits in accordance with contract, NAVSEA, and regulatory body requirements • Must be able to set-up and close out jobs, including TIPs, filing for OQE records, checkpoint notifications, etc. • Must have excellent personal skills working with others

Category: Non Destructive Technician

NOTE: The following description is a GENERAL Overview of this career and not a description of a particular job posting.

The main function of a Non-Destructive Testing Technician is to test the safety of structures, vehicles, or vessels using x-ray, ultrasound, fiber optic or related equipment. An NDT would use visual, penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, x-ray, eddy current testing, or other non-destructive methods to inspect a structure or part (for instance, a sample weld) to ensure it meets specific standards or specifications. These tests are performed without damaging the structure or part, and are done to ensure that the tested area contains no defects that would prevent the sample weld, structure or part from performing as expected or failing outright.

Tools used to perform these tests include oscilloscopes, radiation detectors, remote reading thermometers, voltage meters, and x-ray or radiography equipment. A career in Non-Destructive Testing would require knowledge of the practical application of engineering, science, and technology, and may require previous experience with analytical, scientific, and computer aided design software.
Most Non-Destructive Technician careers require a high school diploma, as well as training in vocational schools, related on-the-job experience, and/or an associate's degree.
Non-Destructive Testing careers typically require the ability to:
- Obtain (and/or re-certify) a visual, penetrant, and magnetic particle testing certification
- Obtain security clearance and military contractor badge
- Pass a drug test
- Be reliable and punctual

Previous experience, particularly with necessary career-related tools and software, is often required.

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General Dynamics NASSCO-Norfolk

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General Dynamics NASSCO-Norfolk
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