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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer’s Essential Roles and Responsibilities: Develop drawings, sketches and 3D models using CAD 2D/3D software Review and develop test documents and procedures Investigate and solve pragmatic engineering and technical issues Provide timely field service engineering support to resolve issues requiring technical guidance Review and provide technical support for the development of work specifications, waivers, deviations, technical documentation and specifications Develop and run simulation software to perform various analyses to support system design (ex. CFD, FEA, Shock, etc.) Attend meetings and conferences on engineering and continuous improvement matters Competent in the use of 3D and 2D CAD software (primary software used includes SolidWorks and AutoCAD) Create manufacturing and assembly drawings which can include flat patterns. Understand metalwork manufacturing processes (forming, welding, milling, etc.) Identify ways to mitigate issues caused by environmental stresses (shock, vibration, temperature, etc.) Work and communicate effectively with other team members, company employees and customers Familiar with MILSPEC Standards and Environmental Qualification Testing

Category: Engineer Systems

Performs technical planning, system integration, verification and validation, cost and risk, and supportability and effectiveness analyses for total systems. Analyses are performed at all levels of total system product to include: concept, design, fabrication, test, installation, operation, maintenance and disposal. Ensures the logical and systematic conversion of customer or product requirements into total systems solutions that acknowledge technical, schedule, and cost constraints. Performs functional analysis, timeline analysis, detail trade studies, requirements allocation and interface definition studies to translate customer requirements into hardware and software specifications.
5 years relevant experience with Bachelors; 3 years relevant experience with Masters. An additional 4 years of specific job experience with a HS diploma may be substituted for the Bachelor's degree requirement for this job. This experience is in addition to the relevant years of experience listed with the job's education requirements. Example: If this job required a Bachelor's degree + 5 years relevant experience the equivalency would equal HS diploma + 9 years job related experience.
Strong background in communications; fiber optics; electrical/electronic components; generators; AC/DC and high/low voltage theory and application. Thorough knowledge of the installation and maintenance of electrical/electronic components; working knowledge of Key Management Infrastructure.