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Paint Inspector

Pay Range- $17.34-$27.31 Must be a NACE Level 1 or higher or SPPC-NBPI Qualified Paint Inspector to support hull, tank, non-skid, bilges inspections onboard U.S. Navy Ships. They must have no physical restrictions or phobias (heights, confined spaces etc.) and have good hand writing record keeping skills and basic computer knowledge (Word, Excel etc.). Required Skills: The inspector shall be proficient with the below inspection equipment: • DFT/EFT Gauge • Psychrometer / Hygrometer • Surface Temperature Gauge • Conductivity Meter used with Bresle and Syringe • Low Voltage Holiday Detector, Surface Profile gauge and Testex upon arrival, all inspection personnel will be given an examination to ensure natural or corrected distance acuity, such that the examinee is capable of reading a minimum of Jaeger number 1 letters at a distance of not less than 12 inches on a standard Jaeger test chart and shall be able to determine color perception. The examination will be administered by Newport News personnel. Required Safety Training /Qualifications: Leased Labor Provider Company (LLPC) shall provide employees who have completed the following safety training and /or medical clearance. Leased Labor Provider Company shall provide documentation (copy of training, records, medical clearances, etc.) on Company Letterhead to Newport News Environmental, Health and Safety Department (O27) for review and approval prior to assignment of employees to work at Newport News. All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE*) is to be provided by the Leased Labor Provider Company, which includes any replacement of damaged PPE. All Personal Protective Equipment provided by the Leased Labor Provider Company shall meet the requirements of OSHA and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and /or as specified by Newport News. 1. Confined space trained in accordance with OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1915 Subpart B. 2. Hazard communication trained in accordance with OSHA Standard 29CFR 1915.1200 (1910.1200)(h) – (1) through (3)(iv). 3. Respirator trained and qualified. A Respirator Medical Clearance Examination as required by a Physician. The Respirator Training and Fit Testing will meet the requirements of Standard 29CFR1910.134 and each individual shall be trained in a negative-pressure type respirator, MSA COMFO CLASSIC (with MSA approved vapors and dust filter cartridges to be provided for them respirators by the LLPC). Newport News requires the use of a MSA COMFO CLASSIC Respirator only (approximate weight 12 oz.). Paint inspectors shall remain clean shaven as required by OSHA and Newport News requirements. 4. Fall Protection/4-D Body Harness-Vertical & Horizontal Lifelines-Beam Clamp trained and qualified in accordance with the following OSHA Regulations; 29CFR1915.159, 29CFR1915.71(j)(3), 29CFR1915.73(d), and 29CFR1915.77(c). Newport News highly recommends the vest-donning type of body harness instead of the step-into-type body harness, with D-Ring in the back. Individuals must be trained (which includes having donned the body harness and demonstrated practical use of the vertical & horizontal lifelines and beam clamp) with the same type fall protection equipment that they are expected to wear on Newport News premises or on off-site Newport News work locations. Body Harness and Vertical & Horizontal Lifelines and Beam Clamps Systems shall comply with the requirements of ANSI Z359.1. NNS requires 60’ Self Retracting Lifelines that are Leading Edge compliant and a Quick Grab. NNS uses the FallTech DuraTech Edge SRL-LE. NNS uses the Miller Rope Grab. This rope grab must fit 5/16” carbon steel wire rope. 5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE*) training in accordance with OSHA Standards 29CFR 1915 Subpart I and Hearing Conversation 29CFT 1910.95(i)(j)(k)(l).