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Machine Shop Supervisor

Machine Shop Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities: • Repairs, modifies or overhauls various types of equipment or systems • Sets up and operates portable machining tools or equipment • Reports directly to the Production Manager • Once assigned, reports directly to the project Foreman in the performance of his/her responsibilities • Strictly adheres to corporate, federal, state and local safety regulations prior to setting up or operating any machinery • Ensures all Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn and all damaged PPE is discarded • Maintains good housekeeping practices; turning off machines when not in use, disposing of waste properly, sweeping the area, etc. • Ensures all tools listed on the “Required Tools List” are available for use within two weeks of employment • Ensures all requirements of the Quality Assurance Manual are followed when invoked by QA Workbook, Work Package (WP), Work Instructions (WI) and/or other guidance given by management. • Notifies Foreman of any unsatisfactory condition(s) identified during the production operation (i.e., repair, modification, etc.) • Follows detailed repair procedures and instructions (e.g., QA Workbooks, Work packages steps, RECs, CWPs, FWPs, TGIs, etc.) required to complete the production operations • Performs as Team Member/Leader, cooperating with the efforts of other trades during installation, modification or repair operations • Coordinates the efforts of other trades during an installation, modification or repair operation • Performs component and/or system troubleshooting to diagnose the problem and provide most cost-effective recommendation for completing repairs • Performs and/or verifies mechanical alignments • Ensures control and assumes responsibility for Level-1 material • Performs installation, repair, overhaul or modification in place or in shop to mechanical systems and components (e.g., Valves, Actuators, Cylinders, Accumulators, Pumps, and Launchers etc.) • Performs component and/or system troubleshooting to diagnose problems • Assists with the performance of on-site field service for system grooms and checkouts, minor repairs and system configuration validation • Prepares and installs equipment or system alterations (e.g., TEMPALTs, SHIPALTs, ORDALTs, etc.) IAW the directives (i.e., instructions, drawings, MILSPECs, etc.) • Excels in all qualifications, is an expert in all tasks required as an Outside Machinist and will provide mentoring to junior craftsman Qualifications: • High school diploma/equivalent/Apprenticeship Diploma/additional vocational courses or technical school graduate; and/or military and/or civilian experience with marine mechanical systems in a repair department or shipyard • 8 years’ experience • Possesses the ability to understand and perform the set-up, alignment, and operation of various portable tools and hand tools used in the trade as well as the ability to use all precision • measuring instruments as height gauges, depth gauges, calipers, Verniers, lay-out tools, tachometers, thermometers, vibration indicators • Possesses the ability to accurately record readings and measurements as well as complete documentation, repair, and testing of equipment • Must have the ability to interpret and work from complex blueprints, sketches and specifications, and have experience in the disassembly, repair, installation, testing and inspection of ship machinery such as, but not limited to, propelling machinery, pumps, valves, launchers, discharge machinery, ventilation equipment, steering gear, evaporators, heaters, condensers, propulsion plants, torpedo tubes, shutter doors, antennae mast mechanical groups • Must have knowledge of rigging equipment and be able to identify damaged and/or worn equipment • Must be able to lead rigging teams in medium to larger rigging tasks